Jul 26 2019

Living Large: Exclusive Look Inside ‘1000 Museum,’ The Newest Residential Tower Taking Over Miami’s Skyline

By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami’s newest residential tower is grabbing everybody’s attention, as it brings to life the creativity of the famed architect who designed it.

Located at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami, the brand new residential tower known as “1000 Museum,” is already becoming an iconic landmark.

Standing 62-stories with 84 residential units, it is the vision of the late-legendary architect and designer, Zaha Hadid, who passed away in Miami in 2016.

Zaha Hadid (Courtesy of Zaha-Hadid.com)


CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo received the first ever look inside.

“I think the world has been waiting for it because this is the first and last residential skyscraper that Zaha has done in the western hemisphere,” said Sales Director Harvey Daniels. “Sadly, she didn’t get to see it completed but it’s definitely something South Floridians have been excited about. It certainly changed the skyline of the city.”

From the outside it’s clear what he means, it’s called the “exoskeleton” form.


The exoskeleton form of 1000 Museum is pre-casted in Dubai and brought in pieces to Miami. (CBS4)


“The building is pre-cast and poured in Dubai, so it comes in pieces and put together like a puzzle. When you look at the building it looks like a hand carved piece of stone with these curves going 62 stories. It’s amazing,” said Daniels. “So, you enter through this double door entrance into the 50-foot great room, it truly is a wow factor.”

This is the first completed residential unit in the building, with all the elegant furnishing included by the Miami-based design firm “Artefacto.”


Exclusive look at the first completed residential unit for 1000 Museum. (CBS4)


The 10-foot ceilings in the great room reveal breathtaking views.

“What’s really interesting too, if you look out the vista off of the terrace, you can see how this exoskeleton form has these curves to it, they sort of frame these views. That’s the unique part. You don’t get that in any other building,” Daniels said.


1000 Museum offers breathtaking views when looking out the vista off of the terrace. (CBS4)


The kitchen is polyform. It’s clean and white, with top of the line appliances. No fancy backsplashes, everything is hidden away.

“Zaha was a real minimalist,” he said.

Every door handle was also designed by Hadid. Modern and sleek.

The master bedroom is spacious and elegant, as is the all-marble bathroom with a standalone tub.


Master bedroom inside residential unit at 1000 Museum. (CBS4)


There’s an over sized boutique-style master closet just next to it.


There are four bedrooms in this 4,635 square-foot unit, in this first residential project to partner with Forbes Travel Guide, in accordance with their five star ratings system, something Hadid would have insisted on.


“Luckily for us, before she passed away, the design for the building was 100 percent complete for inside and outside. So, this is truly her last signature sculpture piece,” said Daniels.


This 17th floor unit at 1000 Museum is ready to move in and can be yours. It’s priced at $6,850,000.


Find out more about 1000 Museum here.


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